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Dan Ketika by Maliq & D’essentials

Bila memang bukan kita yang tentukan kemana arah cinta ini kan membawa, berikanlah aku satu jalanmu, Tuhan. Agar aku mengerti apa yang kita jalani kini

@TiaSetiawati (via karenapuisiituindah)

Bahkan ketika aku sudah mengucap selamat tinggal, kau tetap tak menganggapnya sebagai perpisahan. Katamu, perpisahan dekat dengan melupakan. Dan kau tak ingin berlaku demikian.

Mario Teguh (via marioteguh)

Pilihlah laki-laki yang perlakuannya kepadamu membuatmu lupa bahwa hatimu pernah patah.

@TiaSetiawati (via karenapuisiituindah)

Memaksakan sesuatu, apapun itu, adalah selemah-lemahnya usaha.

@TiaSetiawati (via karenapuisiituindah)

Saya ingin masa lalu saya baik-baik saja dan tetap di tempatnya. Kecuali bila di sana ada kamu; saya mau kamu pindah ke masa depan saya.

(via gramedia)

Perasaan bukan mainan yang begitu mudahnya bisa kembali. (Simbiosa Alina - Pringadi Abdi & Sungging Raga)

Bung Karno (via faldomaldini)

Ada saatnya dalam hidupmu, engkau ingin sendiri saja bersama angin, menceritakan seluruh rahasia, lalu meneteskan air mata.

Dewi Sri Muryawati (dengan sedikit saduran)

(Source: laninalathifa)

Kadang kita perlu belajar dari Peter Parker. Bagaimana caranya berkontribusi secara diam-diam, tidak ingin diketahui orang-orang. Tidak ada yang tahu siapa dia sebenarnya. Namun pekerjaannya membawa kebahagiaan bagi banyak orang dan menumbuhkan harapan. Ketidakhadirannya menyisakan ruang kosong dan mengundang kerinduan. Kadangkala, kontribusi memang tak perlu selalu difestivalkan, tak selalu butuh diapresiasi. Lepaskan, biar Allah yang memberi penilaian.

@TiaSetiawati (via karenapuisiituindah)

I know I can’t be perfect, but… can you?

@TiaSetiawati (via karenapuisiituindah)

Karena hidup tanpa perjuangan adalah kosong. Dan dengan berjuang, kau tahu sesuatu (atau seseorang) adalah penting dan spesial.

@TiaSetiawati (via karenapuisiituindah)

Diam saja adalah tanda antara lelah atau tidak peduli lagi.


Telling Stories through Food with @leesamantha

For more photos and videos of Samantha’s culinary artwork, follow @leesamantha on Instagram.

"When I first started creating food art, those in bento boxes (called charaben) had been around for a long time—but I was more interested in exploring food art out of the box and simplifying the technique,” says Malaysia Instagrammer Samantha Lee (@leesamantha). “Since then, I’ve developed my own unique style of storytelling on plates that explores a variety of subject matter and ingredients,” she adds.

A mother of two daughters, Samantha started devising ways to get them to eat in a healthier and more independent way by applying creativity to her presentation. She designs scenes on plates featuring celebrities, popular characters, animals and famous landmarks, made up mainly of local and fresh edible ingredients. Samantha’s ideas and creative inspiration come from a variety of fine arts as well as from her daughters, whom she describes as having “endless imagination”.

Samantha is also careful to keep food waste to a minimum. “Before I begin putting any new ideas on a plate, I sketch out my designs and write down ideas and ingredients I’ll be using. It helps me to be more organized and prevent food waste.” Her minimalistic approach shows in her camera work as well. She edits very little by choosing to shoot in natural light and avoids using too many props in her photos to “let the food art stand out and speak for itself.”


Bringing Imagination to Life with Pancakes and @kevin_blankenship

For more of Kevin’s fantastical pancake art, follow @kevin_blankenship on Instagram.

For Oklahoma writer, producer and cartoonist Kevin Blankenship (@kevin_blankenship), keeping his creativity alive as a working dad came in an unlikely form: pancakes.

Forgoing an inkwell for a bowl of pancake batter, Kevin brings cartoon creations to life on his griddle. As he explains, “Becoming a parent really slows your creative juices if you’re not careful. A full-time job can sap the rest. Although I don’t get to draw as much as I used to, I found a way to incorporate it into Sunday breakfast every week. The results have gotten out of control and taken a life of its own.”

"I have two eager boys who like making pancake requests," he says, "so my feed is peppered with odd, but fun submissions. The three-year-old’s requests are the toughest. If it’s not a tree monster with skeletons hanging from it, it’s a velociraptor with boxing gloves or a monster with a chicken head and octopus arms, bunny ears and big feet. I love the creativity—and he’s a tough critic. Syrup won’t solve any of my mistakes."

Want to try your hand at pancake cartooning like Kevin? He shares some pointers below.

"I use Bisquick in every recipe, milk, one egg, three tablespoons of organic sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla," Kevin explains. "I thin the batter and use condiment bottles for control."

Most importantly, however, Kevin advises, “Let the kids participate. It’s fun that way. Enjoy the mistakes (with syrup) and start simple. I started with Mickey Mouse—It’s just three circles. You don’t have to have an artistic background to do it, just have fun.”


Creating Art from Nuts with @mokassarart

For more photos and videos of Yaser’s kernel art, follow @mokassarart on Instagram.

When Yaser Ahmad (@yaserahmad), a creative director in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, got his first smartphone, he decided he needed a creative project for Instagram.

Inspired by @cintascotch and @leesamantha, Yaser challenged himself to find a simple idea to express his creativity. “I spent almost a month brainstorming,” he says, “and I came up with nuts. They have different shapes and I love that they have a nice color gradation, so they are pleasing to the eye.”

Yaser called the project @mokassarart, which is a combination of the Arabic word for “nuts,” Mokassarat, and “art”. Inspiration often comes to Yaser in mundane moments and stems from the nuts themselves. He quickly sketches a draft of his idea, arranges and photographs the nuts, then draws in the scene around them.

Tia Setiawati Pakualam (via karenapuisiituindah)

At some point, we just have to deal with something because we have no choice.
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